Why Choose The Extractor?

Compact & Lightweight

The Extractor’s compact and lightweight design with a detachable cylinder is perfect for accessing tight areas.

Extractor Stake Puller

Fast & Efficient

The Extractor pulls stakes at any angle and on any surface in under 4 seconds!

Powerful & Easy to Use

The Extractor has a simple twist grip operation and easily rolls on any surface with air-filled tires. With a 5 horsepower Honda engine and 9,000 lbs of hydraulic pulling power, the Extractor is a powerful and easy way to pull tent stakes.

How Do We Know?

Mike Hess started Hess Tent Rental LLC in 2008 after working in the rental industry since 2001. Continuing to be involved in the day-to-day functions of HTR, frustrations that came from personal experience with pulling stakes led him to develop and market a new hydraulic stake puller.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Don’t just take it from us, let our customers do the talking!

“I have been in the business personally since ’92 and my company since ’79 and I have two other hydraulic stake pullers that take a lift gate to get on and off the truck and the crew rather use manual ones instead of them. I bought Mike’s unit after actually looking for a video of the Jack Jaw in use and stumbled upon this stake pullers video and was intrigued. I got my unit a couple weeks back and I had my guys go out back to find the hardest spot and drive some stakes – well they were really impressed with the power and versatility of the machine . We are pulling double headed 1.25″x42″ in a stake bar – we also did the angle test. It pulled like a beast. We were going to rent a bobcat for an April long term take down, but my crew is confident all we need is this stake puller.”

-Toney Schliskey

Great American Tent Company, Alabama

“We love it. It took some getting used to, and while it is bulkier and more cumbersome to handle than the swampy hollow pullers, there is no longer any discussion among the crew which puller they want to have along on jobs.  Our favorite part is the reliability. We’ve been accustomed to frequent breakdowns of the SH puller over the course of a season, but the Extractor performs like a truck. No problems whatsoever.  We couldn’t be happier.”

-Trever Good

Tent Rental Service, Pennsylvania

“I’ve been using The Extractor machine for over 2 years now and prefer it over any other stake puller that we’ve used in the past. The unit is quick, easy to wheel around and I’ve never had a stake I couldn’t pull out. Hands down, the best hydraulic stake puller I’ve used.”

-Josh Tolley

HTR Rentals, Pennsylvania

Frequently Asked Questions

Will The Extractor pull stakes out of pavement or just grass?

The Extractor will pull stakes out of any surface, including grass, pavement, concrete and gravel.

What kind of gas does The Extractor use?

The Extractor is powered by a 5.5 horsepower Honda engine and requires straight gas, not mixed. We recommend running a high octane gas.

What separates The Extractor from other stake pullers on the market?

The detached cylinder on The Extractor is what separates this puller from all other hydraulic pullers on the market. It’s versatile, quick and easy to access tight spaces. It allows you to reach into tight areas that other pullers can’t, while still using hydraulic power.

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